Sleep Easy Card

Uses Nanotechnology integrated with Nano-function material and through Nano-biological reaction, improve the blood circulation in the head, helps cure insomnia and improve sleep quality. Truly achieving the objectives of sleep-well, lively-spirit and healthy-body.


Insomnia has many causes: some are triggered by mental problems and organic pain, Age, education level, living habits and work environment, sleeping conditions etc. are factors closely related to the cause of insomnia. Among all the factors causing insomnia, the most important are psychological and mental factors, representing half of the chronic insomnia cases. When a person encounters external stimuli or when the endocrinal system suffers from disorder, a type of enzyme will be secreted, stimulating the brains epithelial cells. The stimulated brain epithelial cells will in turn cause greater secretion of the enzyme, which causes insomnia over a long period. Sleep Easy Card will cause zymoprotein to breakdown, ionising the hydrogen ions, converting them into hydrocarbons, so as to prevent stimulation of the brain’s epithelial cells by the enzyme, reduces discomfort and improving the symptomatic effects.

Usage Method

Place the Sleep Easy Card against the temple.