We are engaged in a world advanced high technology industry——Nanometer high technology. Located in Beijing, Parent company Beijing Equation Nanometer Company was founded in 1990 and we are the first company in China who specialized in Nanometer technology research, applied it to daily living area, and combined production, sales and marketing, and consultancy services on Nanometer technology. Our products involve in healthcare, daily living, cosmetics, textile, environment, agriculture, building, medical, national defense, and other different industries.

Technical Principles

Enzyme is the catalyst of life process. It can increase the biochemical reaction rate 10 billion times. In the biochemical reactions, the activation energy which can regulate the metabolic process is the smallest. So enzymes can rapidly prevent diseases and make the body healthy. According to enzyme reaction theorem, enzyme reaction only finishes at a maximum of balance point. Enzyme only can affect balance adjustment, but it cannot change the balance point. Active radical of the enzyme only can catalysis a specific reaction, with specific performance and direction. In other words, if we can activate enzyme, it will effectively regulate the metabolic processes of life and improve human immunity. The way of regulating the balance of metabolism by activation of enzymes would never change the balance point. Adenylate systems will transform into one another, that means it can change the various imbalance (pathological) to balance (healthy) with the performance specificity and direction specificity, without any side effects. It can adjust the negative imbalances of the two status (such as cold, heat) to the point of balance (normal) and could therefore quickly reduce or eliminate a variety of illnesses.

We know that cell metabolism is not the chemical balance, but gaining of energy and material consumption and discharge. Under the condition with the participation of the enzymes, as long as the minimum energy can be got, then it can effectively regulate metabolism. The amount of the energy for activation of the enzymes, and the relevant factors of the activation of enzymes are what we are most concerned about. We are so glad to know that Biochemist has completed the theoretical and experimental work of this issue and found that the energy of enzyme-based vibration is 0.05 -0.1 e-volts, and pointed out that the increase of PH value of water in the cells can also activate the radicals of the enzymes. That is, if outsiders emit energy with e-V 0.05 -0.1 to the activated radicals of enzyme, the activated radicals of the enzyme will be stimulated and the enzyme will be effective. Or activating the water in the cell without changing its chemical composition to change its PH value also can activate enzyme. Our exploration and researches are aimed at finding effective technological ways and means of effectively sending energy with 0.05 -0.1 e-volts to human body.

After many years research, our company has successfully developed the new nanometer composite material (Patent No.: 97 1 07180 2). Under normal temperature, the material can output high energy conversion within the range of electronic ≤ 0.1-volt. Especially in electronic 0.05 -0.1 volts of energy range, it has a number of energy-peak output. These energy peak activity well matches with the activated radicals of enzymes, which can produce incentive effects of resonance. In addition, we used the materials to do water tests and found that the water can increase about 0.1-0.3 of the PH value with the help of the energy output of the material. It proves that the material can activate the enzyme indirectly by activating the fluids of body. Based on these research results, we developed the nano functional cards, the nanometer health attire products as well as the You & Me Active Water Containers. The material can activate the enzyme which is the catalyst of life process and thus regulate the biological mechanism and improve human immunity. It starts from the root of the life and soothes the illnesses and makes the human body healthy.

Comparison of technology locally and internationally

The same material of local and international only have a single performance, which is a Far-infrared radiation characteristic. And it's far-infrared radiation rate ranging from 35% to 89%, we have developed nano-composite powder of its far-infrared radiation rate of 94% which is higher than the current standard of domestic and international, and also have versatility.

Creative & Advanced

The creative and advanced nature of the technology lies in the fact: based on the nano-particle surface and interface properties of the analysis, creative use of low-energy particle surface activation technology for shaping, using layer by layer package technology, the gradient structure of powder from the large small layered composite, obtained by μ-class (2.5μ) of natural medicine powder as the core, wrapped in multi-layered nano-powder composites.