Healthy Heart Card

Uses Nanotechnology integrated with Nano-function material that emits far infrared rays at body temperature to activate cardio-muscular cells, increasing the heart vitality. Long-term usage can quickly relieve the body from various heart irregularities such as anxiety, tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, arrhythmia and angina.


The Nano particles and organic macromolecules in the Card after having treated by special processes, convert the energy and magnetic waves of the surrounding space into internal energy of composite materials, automatically emits far infrared rays that are beneficial to the human body under normal temperature. When the Healthy heart card is placed near the human heart, the stored energy in the Card resonates with the energy waves from the human body such that it achieves the objectives of improving microcirculation and strengthening the heart’s functions

Usage Method

Place the Healthy Heart Card against the left chest area.


Patients wearing a cardio- pacemaker are not suited to use.