Actually, all the materials can give out electromagnetic waves, which are called blackbody radiation. Due to the differences in length, the electromagnetic waves have different effects on human body. For example, the ultraviolet radiation with a length of 320 nm can burn the skin while with a length of 400 nm, it can generate black spots on the skin. The wavelengths which are beneficial to human health are just several narrow ranges of wavelengths happening to be the same as the electromagnetic wave emitted by human body. Scientists call the electromagnetic wave the light of life, biological waves, "cosmic energy" etc.. Even the weak far infrared outside human body can achieve the special effect of regulating physiological function when it resonates with the electromagnetic wave emitted by human body.
The light, magnetism, electricity, heat, wind and tide are all energies, for example, the chemical energy, the atomic energy etc. Under certain condition, energy can be transformed into another kind of energy. For example, the electricity can be transformed into the magnetism, the light can be transformed into electricity and the heat can be transformed into electricity. Our nanometer wellness card series are all handled by special techniques and can transform the heat, light, electricity and magnetism into products with special functions.
Enzyme is the catalyst of life process. It can increase the biochemical reaction rate 10 billion times. In the biochemical reactions, the activation energy which can regulate the metabolic process is the smallest. So enzymes can rapidly prevent diseases and make the body healthy. According to enzyme reaction theorem, enzyme reaction only finishes at a maximum of balance point. Enzyme only can affect balance adjustment, but it cannot change the balance point. Active radical of the enzyme only can catalysis a specific reaction, with specific performance and direction. In other words, if we can activate enzyme, it will effectively regulate the metabolic processes of life and improve human immunity. The way of regulating the balance of metabolism by activation of enzymes would never change the balance point. Adenylate systems will transform into one another, that means it can change the various imbalance (pathological) to balance (healthy) with the performance specificity and direction specificity, without any side effects. It can adjust the negative imbalances of the two status (such as cold, heat) to the point of balance (normal) and could therefore quickly reduce or eliminate a variety of illnesses.

We know that cell metabolism is not the chemical balance, but gaining of energy and material consumption and discharge. Under the condition with the participation of the enzymes, as long as the minimum energy can be gotten, then it can effectively regulate metabolism. The amount of the energy for activation of the enzymes, and the relevant factors of the activation of enzymes are what we are most concerned about. We are so glad to know that Biochemist has completed the theoretical and experimental work of this issue and found that the energy of enzyme-based vibration is 0.05 -0.1 e-volts, and pointed out that the increase of PH value of water in the cells can also activate the radicals of the enzymes. That is, if outsiders emit energy with e-V 0.05 -0.1 to the activated radicals of enzyme, the activated radicals of the enzyme will be stimulated and the enzyme will be effective. Or activating the water in the cell without changing its chemical composition to change its PH value also can activate enzyme. Our exploration and researches are aimed at finding effective technological ways and means of effectively sending energy with 0.05 -0.1 e-volts to human body.

After many years of research, our parent company has successfully developed the new nanometer composite material (Patent No.: 97 1 07180 2). Under normal temperature, the material can output high energy conversion within the range of electronic ≤ 0.1-volt. Especially in electronic 0.05 -0.1 volts of energy range, it has a number of energy-peak output. These energy peak activity well matches with the activated radicals of enzymes, which can produce incentive effects of resonance. In addition, we used the materials to do water tests and found that the water can increase about 0.1-0.3 of the PH value with the help of the energy output of the material. It proves that the material can activate the enzyme indirectly by activating the fluids of body. Based on these research results, we developed the nano wellness cards. The material can activate the enzyme which is the catalyst of life process and thus regulate the biological mechanism and improve human immunity. It starts from the root of the life and soothes the illnesses and makes the human body healthy.
Nanometer is a unit of length in physics. It is one-billionth of one meter. If we put a nanometer particle on a table tennis, it is equal to that of a table tennis on the earth. To put it in a visual analogy, 1nm is about the diameter of a hair divided by a hundred thousand or, a nanometer-sized particle placed on a table tennis ball is equivalent in proportion to the table tennis ball placed on the Earth. We are unable to see such a tiny particle with naked eyes. This scale is equivalent to the size of atomic and molecular.
It is a material consisting of ultra micro grains, its compact aggregates and Nano micrinites between the scales of 1 to 100nm. Nanometer material has extremely broad prospect for application in various fields.
Nanometer material contains completely different sets of characteristics from conventional materials. For example, Nanometer semiconductor material consists of energy gap splitting structure; Nano Iron material possesses very strong magnetization; conventional non-conducting material can be converted into conducting Nanometer material; other characteristics include unique far infrared emission, strong ultraviolet reflection, strong absorbability, strong catalytic effects etc. Scientists predicted that 21st century would be the nanometer era.
The nanometer technology is an advanced and cross science which involves the broad field of modern technology. The nanometer technology means under the micro-environment, within the range of the nanometer, the ability of man to understand and change nature expanding to the atomic and molecular level. Through direct manipulation and rearrangement of the atom, the molecule, the atomic clusters or molecular groups such that they are re-assembled, re-aligned to create new substances or products under this new and advanced technology.
Both of them are physical health products. But our Nano wellness card has different features: it has a far-infrared radiation function, and also the effects of resonance.

Nano Card: 
Under normal temperature, it can automatically output the photon emission energy ranging from 0.05 to 0.1 e-V Spectrum analyzer: 
It must be heated, then transform into far-infrared radiation. It is inconvenient for you.

Having a nano wellness cards is just like you carry a spectrum analyzer. 
The emitted energy produces a common resonance with the biological wavelength of the human body and output energy with high crest values that is able to penetrate the human skin for 9 mm, reaching body’s tissues, nerves and blood vessels. This has the effects of regulating local microcirculation. 
The main differences lie in: for most of the products in the market, they only have single function while our products have multiple functions and the far infrared is just only one of them.  The most important part is the energy emitted by our products and the resulting nano biological effect. This is what other far infrared products lack. Secondly, our products have fast and strong effect and are easy to carry and use and the period of validity is long.
Sure, but the effect will not be so good. If the Energized Card is soft, the magnetism effect will be influenced and the effectiveness will be reduced. This is because that this product is manufactured by employing the body's own gravity when walking, giving birth to a pulsed magnetic therapy. So whether it should be soft or hard is decided by the function and principle of the products.

When you use this card, you should pay attention to protect it. Especially when you put it under the front of the feet, you should not step heavily when go upstairs or the instant force exerted by your gravity will crackle or even cut the card. When this happens, the user can paste the crack and continue to use, the effect will not be affected.
No. The alcohol in wine is ethanol. Ethanol content has not been reduced. There are a variety of harmful substances in the wine that can do damage to human eyes and liver and other organs. What have been decomposed are these harmful substances, the card reduces this harmful substance to the human body, not the alcohol content.
Many people never consider the deodorization and sterilization before the odour appears in the fridge, in fact, it is wrong. The bacteria come into being the day when you use the fridge. Since it is not vacuums in the fridge and it is full of air, including the oxygen, in addition, when we open the fridge, the bacteria outside will also enter into the fridge. When we put the food into the fridge, the oxygen in the fridge oxidizes the food and rot has started in the food. At this time, perhaps, some fridges seem clear, but actually, there have been bacteria in the food and the bacteria will corrode the food. The corrosion will lead to the rotting of the food and the rotting food give out the smell and these molecules will seep into the inside wall of the fridge. As time goes by, there will be terrible odour. The smell is the inevitable product of bacteria, in turn, it became a hotbed for breeding bacteria, forming a vicious cycle. Although you cannot see or feel the bacteria, but they are just like a "time bomb", at any time it is a threat to your health.Every day people absorb a large number of bacteria through their mouth and then goes into their bodies. Sooner or later they will get sick. Falling ill not only cost our money, but also influences our normal life and our work. It is necessary to prevent rather than suffer.

  Just purchase a Fridge Fresh Card and put it inside the fridge, they will be clear inside the fridge and all the food and fruit and vegetables will not dehydrate or wrinkle and they will be as fresh as before and no nutrients lost. The preservation time can be prolonged for three to five times. Meanwhile, it is not easy to breed the bacteria and rot. There is no need for the preservation film and the food will not go bad and there will be no cross-smells. Owning a Fridge Fresh Card is equal to buying a new fridge which can eliminate the odour, kill bacteria and keep food fresh. And it can be used for more than 5 years, that is to say, you just spend little money every day, you buy health for your family. Therefore, it is essential for the household.
Our Fridge Fresh Card is designed for one fridge. The first time you use the card is when the fridge’s odour, the water molecules and the organic molecules with unpleasant smell are most active and at this time ,the workload for the Fridge Fresh Card is heaviest. The overload work makes parts of nano particles into the "dormant" status and cannot work, while the other can only maintain the remaining work of deodorization and preservation. If the card is taken out and used in another fridge, it will experience another first use which would make more nano particles into the dormant state and the remaining ones cannot maintain the function of deodorization and preservation normally. And the effect will be decreased or completely lost. Therefore, the Fridge Fresh Card can only be used in one fridge and cannot be used in a second fridge or its effectiveness will be decreased. Besides, this Fridge Fresh Card is designed for fridge with the capacity of 200 liters, if the fridge is bigger than 200 liters, to ensure that the Fridge Fresh Card can achieve its maximum effectiveness, we suggest using two cards.
There is no side effect. 
Each kind of material used in the products has been undergone rigorous tests and there are no radioactive or hazardous substances, therefore, long-term use will do no harm to human body.
Actually, there is no expiry date for our products since the raw materials consist of many kinds of Minerals and trace elements, and its rate of decay can be ignored. As long as the products have not been damaged or soaked in water, natural effect always exist  The aging test cannot be done, but in order to confirm that the products keep good function, our company examine the products every year. The products of 1995 and 1996 are still kept and the examinations show that the effect is still very good. It has been more than ten years since the first batch of products were manufactured.
After being processed by special techniques, the nano particles and macromolecules can transform the heat, electromagnetic wave energy, electricity, the magnetic energy and gravitational energy into the internal energy of the composite materials and automatically translated into the low-energy quantum which is good for human health. This is scientifically proven
  • To improve human microcirculation.
  • To enhance immunity, improve the engulfing ability of body's cells in the blood, thereby enhancing the body's immunity and resistance capacity.
  • Having anti-inflammatory, anti-swelling, and pain-relieve effect.
  • To stimulate and invigorate the circulation of the blood and cause the muscles and joints to relax.
  • To activate the activity of biological macromolecules and cells.
  • Having an effect on the cells and make the water molecules both inside and outside vibrate and activated, resulting in lots of tissue biochemistry chemical change beneficial to human health.
  • Reduce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular blood viscosity, to prevent thrombosis.
The rays emitted by the sun are also called the electromagnetic waves. The sun’s rays can be divided into the visible and the invisible. The visible ray can reflect red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple by prism. The ray situated outside the visible spectrum at its red end having a wavelength between about 700 nanometers and 1 millimeter is called the infrared or infrared light and according to the wavelength, it can be divided into the far infrared, the middle infrared and the near infrared. Among them, the far infrared with the wavelength between 8 nanometers and 14 nanometers are particularly good for health and thus it is known as incubation light, also called the light of life.
The cards have passed the cytotoxicity test conducted by PSB Corporation of Singapore. Moreover, it is meant for external application and not meant for internal consumption.
In general, our products used far infrared energy to help relieve ailments that may be associated with poor blood circulation. For patients with aggravated conditions which require continual monitoring by his/her medical specialists, our products need to be used in consultation with the medical specialist attending the patient, as these are conditions which require specific medical remedies (not just improvement in blood circulation). Over time, when the patient has recovered to such a stage where only occasional checks are required, our products can be used as supplementary health-aids to help the recovery process. Hence, depending at which stage of recovery the patient is in, if recovery is still unstable – to use in consultation with the medical specialists.
Organ transplant patients are not suitable to use the Cards. Patients with implanted medical devices are not suitable to use the Cards.
Yes, children can use the Cards. No minimum age for all the Cards.
Pregnant mothers are not suitable to use the Cards. It is alright for lactating mothers to use the Cards.
Patients using hearing aid can use the Cards. The other external aids, depend case by case.
Most wine contains methanol, good wine contains less methanol, inferior wine contains more methanol. Excessive methanol can cause liver cirrhosis and fatty liver. The Cigarette and Alcohol Card can cause the methanol in wine to disintegrate, reducing the harm of methanol to the liver. 90% ingredient of wine is water, the energy released by the Cigarette and Alcohol Card reacts with the water hydrogen bonds, causing the water to purify, to become active, thereby improving the taste.
To help our understanding, the analogy given is that of boiling water. When water is place over fire, water becomes hot (ie. 'activated'). Once the fire is moved away, water cools down gradually. Bringing the fire back will heat up the water; similarly, using the Card on wine again will reactivate the wine.
The activation of molecules is temporarily, but the reduction of harmful substances is permanent. The effect of disintegrating harmful substances will result in some changes in the taste (in both wine and cigarette). So if the Card has been used on the cigarette or alcohol for 20 minutes and removed after that, the improvement will gradually diminish as they becomes "less active".
The card has to be placed inside the underwear, on the lower abdomen area. The primary function of the card is to improve vigour and vitality of man, at the same time, helps promote general health. Depending on the health and physical conditions of the user, the expected improvements in energy and vitality vary from one individual to the other. Therefore, an individual who often experience tiredness would need to use the card for longer durations to achieve these improvements.
As each card is designed for specific body conditions, each card has to be used on its own to perform the functions of regulating the body condition to achieve a “balance” state. Putting another card next to each other will not have the effect of further stabilizing the “balance” or destabilizing it.
The Card takes about 20 minutes to release far infrared to relieve pain, the pace of relief defers case-to-case. For severe cases, it will take longer time to feel the relieving effect. Due to differences in each individual’s physique and absorption ability, some users may not experience the relief. If that is the case, the user can pass the product to a friend or relative to try the product, to prove that the card does work even though it didn’t work on one individual.
Yes, over 8 years of clinical studies to show safety.  FIR is the most healthy and beneficial sun ray to the human body.  A lot of food, fruits, vegetables are dried by the sun for human consumption for centuries.  We drink water that has been exposed to continuous sunlight.  Vegetables that we make salads are also exposed to continuous sunlight.  All these are safe for human consumption. 
Fridge Fresh Card is effective when used in the freezer.  However, instead of charging the card once a month, it is recommended to charge the card weekly or once in 2 weeks.
The Fridge Fresh Card works all the time, except that the Card might not be able to eliminate smell from certain items like durian, mutton as these are natural smell that are inherent in the food and not cause by bacteria. For the Cigarettes and Alcohol Card to be effective, the Card has to be in contact with the cigarettes and that means if they buy a new pack of cigarette, they will need to place behind the last row of cigarette and after smoking the last row, they can then place in between the balance two rows of cigarettes and leave for 20 mins before smoking.
It is alright to use a cloth with disinfecting solution just to wipe on surface but not to soak on it. it will not affect the effectiveness by just wiping.
Even if you immersed in the water, there is still effectiveness but not full effectiveness and there is no way to deactivate the current cards that we have because they are all activated.
The Cigarette and Alcohol Card only work well on cigarette & alcohol and not on other beverages like herbal beverages. For these other beverages, it may enhance the taste of some but without improving the quality.
Energized Feet Card does helps to eliminate odour but not completely as it is still subject to human element and the source of the odour. Basically, the main function of the Card is to strengthen weak legs, relieves foot and leg pain. The other functions include antibacterial, reducing unpleasant odour, and preventing athlete's foot, fungal growth and infection.
The FIR rays emitted from Nano wellness card are also called biogenetic rays. Biogenetic rays have been shown to promote the healing and growth of living cells especially in plants, animals and human beings. These rays penetrate the skin and stimulate micro-cellular vibrations thus improving the body microcirculation.
FIR improves the human physiological health by:
  • Rejuvenates the skin and muscle tone
  • Increase oxygen supply in the blood cell
  • Promotes regeneration and fast healing
  • Increase micro circulation in the body.
Far Infrared is part of natural light! Its wavelength is between 0.76 micron to 1,000 micron thus it is i invisible to our naked eye. Far Infrared rays are thermal and are harmless to the body.
It is a well-known fact that matters and human body constantly reflects themo or heat energy. When the Nano Wellness card (made from Nano composite materials derived from minerals) is in contact with heat, it will convert into Far Infrared rays. So the Far Infrared ray emitted by Nano wellness Card is really powered by our own body and there are no side effects.
Nano Wellness cards are made from nano composite materials derived from minerals and works on the principle of using body heat to convert to FIR. This light therapy is highly beneficial and has no side effects. Using Nano wellness card daily can enhance your health and lifestyle.
Nano Wellness card has an 8-14microns wavelength and photon energy of 0.05-0.1eV.
Nano Wellness Card is made from Nano composite materials derived from natural minerals thus they are stable, safe, non-radioactive and non-toxic. Nano Wellness Card works on the principle of converting body or matter heat into Far Infrared rays.
So the FIR from Nano Wellness Card is from our own body and there are no side effects. In fact, we need FIR from the day we were born. In addition, Nano wellness card is for external application and has a minimum wavelength of 8-14microns
NANO WELLNESS CARDS FOR OVERALL PREVENTIVE HEALTH CARE - Results seen within 30mins. Enhance Vitality, Vigour and Physical Well Being. If you are suffering from pain, sleeplessness, male sexual vitality weakness, female menstrual problems, irregular heart beat, Hypertension, Fatigue, Body Odour, by utilizing Nanotechnology, Nano Wellness Card consists of Nano functional material that automatically emits far infrared rays under normal temperature; having the effect of promoting local micro-circulation and better health, which would help revitalize with the energy that needs to lead a more active and healthier lifestyle.
Yes, we provide 1 year functional warranty on the nano wellness card.