Pain Relief Card

Uses Nanotechnology integrated with Nano-function material that emits far infrared rays automatically at normal temperature to regulate the body’s physiological balance, improve micro-circulation, eliminate fatigue, rapid relief of headaches, gastric pain, arthralgia (pains in joints) etc. Its long-term usage can enhance your physical health.


Converts heat energy emitted from the human body (36 to 37 degrees) using the “Powercard” into specially designed photon energy emitting (0.05 -0.1 eV) “Pain Relief Card”, the energy conversion efficiency of which is as high as 95%, producing remarkable results. Specialists say that photons in this energy level can produced resonance with the human cells and penetrate as deep as 9 cm below the skin. Specialists designed the photon energy emission of the “Powercard” in the region of 0.05 – 0.1 eV, taking into consideration that the hydrogen bond energy in the Proteinase DNA Class 2 structure also falls within the same region, “Powercard” emits photon energy that easily resonates with the catalytic agent - enzymes, hence regulating the body’s biochemical processes, working directly on life’s basic processes to regulate the human physiological functions, improve micro-circulation and strengthen our immune system. It is very effective in physical healthcare. Scientists refer to it as “The Light of Life”.

Usage Method

Simply place the Pain Relief Card against the body’s aching areas. Daily care: Place the card at the left chest.


Those suffering from infected wounds should avoid placing the card directly on the wounded area.