Menstrual Relief Card

Uses Nanotechnology integrated with Nano-function material that emits high intensity far infrared rays to regulate the female hormonal balance, improve local microcirculation, effectively relieves menstrual pain, the answer to many females prayers.


Menstrual cramps are mainly caused by poor blood and breath circulation. As water is transformed by blood, and blood travels with the breath, when blood and breath are plentiful, the breath is regulated and the blood harmonized, thus shall flow without stoppage without any sufferance of pain. However, if breath and blood are short or stagnate, menstrual flow becomes uneasy and such obstruction causes pain. It can release high intensity far infrared, improve micro-circulation, regulate hormonal secretion, improves blood circulation in the pelvic cavity, allows easy menstrual flow, improves pain symptoms.

Usage Method

Simply place the Menstrual Relief card against the painful area.