Fridge Fresh Card

Uses Nanotechonology integrated with Nano-function material to selectively absorb, catalyse and degrade the odour through Nano particles to enable the refrigerator to rapidly eliminate bad odour, kill bacteria and maintain freshness. Place the Fridge Fresh Card at any corner in the refrigerator, within 20 minutes, all unpleasant odour in the refrigerator will be eliminated; leave it for 24 hours, it will remove all cross-odour in the refrigerator, at the same time, enable food, vegetables and fruit to remain fresh. It is effective and efficient; buying a fridge fresh card is as good as changing a new refrigerator.


A. Elimination of Odour

Principally to remove bad and unpleasant odour emitted from substances; effectively, odour elimination is to purify organic molecules having slight unpleasant odour in the air. Nano materials possess extremely large specific surface areas. Among which Nano particles, macromolecules, hollow ultra microns are all able to absorb organic molecules in great quantities. When these molecules are absorbed onto the surface of the Nano particles, specifically designed Nano particles serving a surface catalytic function will rapidly cause these molecules to disintegrate at the surface. In this way, the Fridge Fresh Card will have a long-lasting odour elimination function.

B. Maintaining Freshness

Maintaining the freshness of substances requires preventing bacteria invasion as well as their oxidation in order to slow down the metabolic process. Fridge Fresh Card uses composite materials that not only have anti-bacterial function, but also an extremely strong ability to absorb oxygen radicals. Its far infrared freshness maintenance function is the same as normal infrared rays. Thus the Fridge Fresh Card maintains freshness through three combined functions namely antibacterial, strong absorption power and far infrared, hence far superior to other single function methods. Therefore all you need is a Fridge Fresh Card to effectively maintain freshness and eliminate odour.

Usage Method

Initially, you should clean the refrigerator before putting the Fridge fresh card into a corner of the refrigerator.


  • The Fridge Fresh Card can only be used in one refrigerator (its effectiveness will weaken if used in two refrigerators or more).
  • The Fridge Fresh Card has to be put inside the refrigerator for daily use. Removing the Fridge Fresh Card will cause the fridge to produce a bad odour.
  • Wipe the surface of the Fridge Fresh Card every month with a clean cloth.
  • If the effectiveness reduces after using for it a long time, use a hair-dryer to heat up each surface till hot to resume effectiveness.