Energised Feet Card

Uses Nanotechnology integrated with Nano-function material that emits high intensity far infrared rays at normal temperature to improve local microcirculation, massages the acupoints in the feet, relaxes the acupoints, builds strength in feet and legs, effectively prevents fungal growth and fungal infection on the foot, prevents athlete’s foot and quickly relieves heel pain.


The Energised Feet Card produces a resonance with the human cells with specific far infrared radiation that works together with a specifically designed magnetic effect so that when the human body is in motion, the reaction of the human body to its own weight not only produces a continuous magnetic field, its far infrared rays and magnetic acupressure produces a double healing effect. Hence, the Energised Feet Card effectively performs an antibacterial and absorbs and breaks-down unpleasant odour function. Thus effectively prevents athlete’s foot and improves weak legs as well as relieves foot and leg pain.

Usage Method

Place the Energised Feet Card into the shoe where it feels comfortable.


If the effectiveness reduces after using for it a long time, use a hair-dryer to heat up each surface till hot to resume effectiveness.